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La pericolosità del ciarlatano


In questo blog ho scritto e riportato ormai numerosi articoli, per illustrare la

 grande pericolosità dei 

falsi archeologici e dei falsi epigrafici. 

Anche quando gli autori di una falsa teoria sembrino solamente grulli a 

tempo perso (1), si tratta invece sempre di persone dannose al patrimonio

 culturale mondiale e alla ricerca.

Il falso culturale ed il 'complottismo

sono attività illegali con esiti gravissimi.

Gli autori sono talvolta solo scervellati irresponsabili, talaltra

criminali consapevoli.

Questo articolo lo dimostra una volta di più (semmai ci fosse bisogno di 

ulteriori prove!): ci sono due cretini ciarlatani, questa volta tedeschi, che

 credono nell'origine Atlantoidea della civiltà Egizia e nel complotto per

 tenerlo nascosto al pubblico da parte delle Autorità scientifiche. Per

 dimostrare la lor0 'tesi' hanno vandalizzato la piramide di Giza. Vedi

 analogie  con gli Atalantoidei sardi e con il complotto per nascondere la

 verità sulle statue di Monte Prama, in Sardegna?

E - purtroppo - il ciarlatano e la sindrome del complotto 

sono presenti anche altrove, oggi, in Italia!

Giza pyramid vandalized to prove 'alien theory' 

Conspiracy theories abound in our world, including one that suggests the pyramids of Giza was actually built by ancient astronauts, extraterrestrials who came to earth thousands of years ago. 

Pyramids of Giza [Credit:] 

It's difficult to imagine why authorities would engage in a cover-up concerning the building of the pyramids, but three German citizens who visited the Egyptian pyramids in April 2013 believed it enough to vandalize the site to prove they were right. The three men, Dominique Goerlitz, Stefan Erdmann and their cameraman are now facing charges because of their belief in an alternative history of the pyramids through vandalism. The cameraman was brought along to film the two "hobbyists" while they hunted for their discovery. The three men were allowed to enter into areas of the Great Pyramid normally off-limits to the public. These areas are reserved for Egyptologists and archaeologists. It is reported the group took several items, including a sample of a cartouche of the Pharaoh Khufu. The three men then allegedly smuggled the items out of the country, in violation of Egypt's strict antiquities laws. There are six Egyptians also being held in the case, including several inspectors and guards from the Egyptian Antiquities Misistry. Tourism, is the country's most important industry, but this has dropped in recent years due to both political and social unrest. Many owners of tour agencies are willing to bend the rules, especially if the party asking for special consideration is wealthy. 

Dominique Goerlitz and Stefan Erdmann who visited the Egyptian pyramids in April 2013 now face criminal charges for their attempt to prove their "alternative history" conspiracy theories through vandalism [Credit: YouTube] 

The German government expressed outrage over the act, and stated the men involved in the alleged crime were private citizens, and in no way associated with the German Archaeological Institute. 
There is one theory that states the pyramids were built by an ancient civilization over 20,000 years ago, believed to be Atlantis, or by extraterrestrials. These theories were promoted by best-selling author, Erich von Dniken, who in 1968 wrote "Chariots of the Gods." 
Proponents of these theories also believe the ancient astronauts "intelligently designed humans." The Germans, students at Dresden University, vandalized the pyramid believing in these alternative theories, and went so far as to film their pilfering and vandalizing in order to prove to the public they were right.
 "This is totally false and nonsensical," said Ahmed Saeed, professor of ancient Egyptian civilisation at Cairo University. Mohamad Abdel Maqsoud, the head of the Ancient Egyptian department added in a press release, "A pyramid is not a sole object; it is part of a structural complex connected to each other. This includes the pyramid itself, the funerary temple, the side pyramid, solar boat pits, the ramp and the valley temple." There are also papyri diaries by engineers working on the pyramids, as well as records of trading expeditions to get construction materials. Recently, archaeologists excavated a massive nearby worker's camp where the builders resided. Theorists tend to overlook this evidence, dismissing it out of hand in their belief the pyramids were built by an ancient people, not of this earth. 

Author: Karen Graham 

 Source: Digital Journal [February 19, 2014]

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