sabato 25 ottobre 2014

Rinvenuto un 'nuovo' poema classico.

Classical era poem unearthed in western Turkey 

Excavations around the Hecatomnus Mausoleum in the

western province of Mugla’s Milas district have unearthed a

written stela that dates back over two millennia.

The stela is an extraordinary finding that offers a treasure

trove of data  to historians and philologists 

[Credit: Hurriyet]

The stela is an extraordinary finding that offers very 

important data to historians and philologists, according 

to academics. 

The stela, which is estimated to have been written for the 

ruler of its era, is in the poetry format and the longest 

among other similar classical-era findings. 

According to information provided by the Milas Uzunyuva 

Project Epigraph Professor Christian Marek, the writing on     

the stela has a poetical language in a style called “catalectic 

trochaic tetrameter.” 

There are 121 lines in the stela, although its upper surface has 

been eroded. 

It is estimated that the stela was erected at the end of fourth 

century B.C. or at the beginning of the third century B.C. 

Source: Hurriyet Daily News [October 19, 2014]